REVI 陶瓷护肤霜


Contains about 600,000 REVI spicules
Contains 15% of complex ingredients containing human umbilical cord blood cell conditioned medium

We provide the highest level of aging care through collaboration between REVI spicules and stem cell cosmetics, which are attracting worldwide attention.

・ For relief of sensitive skin and wound healing
Effective Centella asiatica stem cell extract

・ Effective for wrinkles, whitening, and skin activation
Contains niacinamide, etc.

・ By further forming liposomes
Firmly delivers beauty ingredients deep into the skin.

■ How to use
Can be used in the morning and evening
It is recommended to use with Perfect Moist Cream or Perfect Retinol Cream and apply before porcelain foundation.

When using all together

The order is pottery skin cream → retinol cream → perfect moist cream.

・ Contains plant stem cell extracts such as argan stem cells, edelweiss stem cells, apple stem cells, and grape stem cells