REVI 玫瑰果冻洗发水补充装 1,000g


Shampoo refill Contents: 1000g

A shampoo that is gentle on the hair and scalp and is wrapped in the scent of roses.

It cares for residual alkali that causes hair damage after hair coloring and perm, and keeps hair youthful.

Contains damask roses, propoly extract, super hyaluronic acid, raw keratin, citric acid-containing fullerene, and fulvic acid.

[Characteristic ingredients]
Damask rose component: Distilled water rich in vitamins A and C obtained when extracting damask rose extract. It has a high fragrance and is called "Queen of Fragrance".

Fulvic acid (humus extract): Rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins, it keeps the beauty of hair and scalp.

Fullerenes: Known to have 172 times more antioxidant activity than Vitamin C. It activates the condition of hair and scalp and promotes anti-aging from the inside.

Super Hyaluronic Acid: Normally has twice the water retention capacity of hyaluronic acid and protects damaged hair from drying out.

Propolis Extract: High antibacterial action keeps scalp and pores clean.

Citric acid: Cares for hair color and residual alkali after perm, and enhances beauty