REVI 沐浴露玫瑰护理

REVI Out Bath Rose Treatment is a non-rinse treatment .
Contents: 200g

Contains 18 kinds of amino acids, golden silk (golden eyebrows), heat-reactive repair ingredients, and ceramide.

By making the hair oil, which tends to be heavy, into a mist, it makes the hair fluffy and silky.
It is also characterized by the long-lasting scent of roses, which is very popular in shampoo.

※how to use
1. Apply an appropriate amount to your hair.
2. Please use it after taking a bath, blowing every morning, or when ironing your hair.

Characteristic ingredients
18 kinds of amino acids: The amino acids that form the basis of hair are firm and firm.
Golden silk (golden eyebrows): Gives hair a shine.
Heat-reactive repair ingredient: Hair is repaired more by applying heat from a dryer or iron.
Ceramide: A moisturizing ingredient. It prevents the hair from drying out.