REVI 3D 面部滚轮


Face roller

By massaging the face with a face roller, blood circulation is promoted, blood and lymph flow is improved, and it is effective in improving swelling of the face .

In addition, since the cells of the skin are activated by the stimulus, it can be expected to have an effect on the lift-up and tone-up of the skin.

360 degree 3D massage technique roller
You can massage freely regardless of the angle, which is convenient and functional.

By passing a bioelectric current, it gently stimulates the muscles and takes an approach of pulling up.

Archiangle cutting surface
The contact area between the roller and the skin is most effective.

Eye care design
The curved design at the bottom of the body of the product is suitable for eye massage.
You can also use this.

Professional beauty massage technology
Like a professional hand massage, it can be used on any part of the face, legs, arms, neck, etc.