REVI ウォッシングクリーム(専用ネット付属)(洗顔)


Facial cleansing cream
Contents: 100g

The combination of beauty ingredients eliminates keratin plugs and tightens pores.
It has effects such as suppressing melanin production, promoting turnover, anti-inflammatory, astringent action, and whitening.
Create elastic foam with a dedicated net, gently adsorb dirt and wash it off.

Apple stem cell cultured cell extract (aging care)
Grape fruit cell extract (UV stress protection)
Argania spinosa blast cell extract (skin elasticity improving effect)
Capillary wormwood flower extract (suppresses melanin transfer)
Morus alba root bark extract (suppresses melanin production)

Scutellaria root extract (melanin suppression)
Licorice root extract (inhibition of tyrosinase activity)
Jujube fruit extract (promotes turnover)
Hamamelis leaf extract (sedative, tension, rough skin prevention, convergence, antiseptic action), etc.

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