REVI Ceramic Skin NMN Serum


What is NMN?

"NMN" is a substance that is originally produced naturally in humans and living organisms.
In one experiment, it was revealed that NMN was reduced to about half the amount when young in the 40s.

In addition, research results that "excellent in transdermal absorption" have been announced in Japan and overseas.
(Research results show that when NMN aqueous solution is applied to the skin, NMN increases 100 times and NAD + increases 4 times)

It is a beauty essence that is applied after washing the face and conditioning the skin with lotion etc.
Furthermore, if you use a spray gun after that, the penetration power will increase.

Content ingredients
NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide)
Plant stem cells (apples, grapes, argan)
Cerebroside (ceramide derived from horse spinal cord)
Niacinamide (whitening / wrinkles)
Fullerenes (antioxidants)

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