REVI パーフェクトモイストエッセンス(美容液)


Contents: 50ml

The power of 10 types of plant-derived stem cell extracts and yeast extract enhance the metabolism of the skin and keep the water and oil content in the deep part of the stratum corneum , leading to a firm skin.
A melting beauty essence that contains beauty ingredients.

[Recommended usage]
1. Cleansing
2. Washing
3. Self-gommage
4. Softening lotion
5. Moist pack
6. Perfect Moist Lotion
7. Perfect Moist Essence
8. Perfect Moist Cream

Apple stem cell cultured cell extract (aging care)
Grape fruit cell extract (UV stress protection)
Argania spinosa blast cell extract (skin elasticity improving effect)
Yeast extract (skin cell regeneration action)
Damaras Rusk rose callus culture extract (rose)
Vanda falcata culture extract (orchid)
Madonna Lily Callus Culture Extract (Lily)
Edelweiss callus culture extract (Edelweiss)
American morning glory callus culture extract (morning glory)
Aloe callus culture extract (aloe)
Camellia callus extract (camellia)
Wild rose oil, wild rose water, hyaluronic acid, etc.

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