REVI NMN supplement


Supplement containing NMN 10000mg
Contents: 60 tablets

A supplement containing NMN, a dietary ingredient that rejuvenates the topic.

What is NMN?

"NMN" is an abbreviation for "nicotinamide mononucleotide" contained in vitamin B3, and is a substance originally produced naturally in humans and living organisms.

It is attracting attention as an ingredient that supports health against age and decline, and is being researched at the medical schools of famous universities such as Harvard University, University of Washington, and Keio University.
In one experiment, it was revealed that NMN was reduced to about half the amount when young in the 40s.

In addition to the rare NMN that can only be ingested from the diet, it contains 6 types of rejuvenation support ingredients: R-type α-lipoic acid, L-carnitine, bioperine, sesamin, black ginger, and coenzyme Q1.

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